Friday, August 13, 2010

Black Box Training Day 4

*New BiB Member Training Day #4 - Helpful Tips for you

Today is Day #4 of your New BiB Member Training.

What we want to do today is to make sure that you are clear on several important areas surrounding your success with Carbon Copy Pro & Wealth Masters International.

First, once your System is all set up, all you will need to be concerned with, is marketing.

Right now, at this stage of your business, marketing is about you getting as many people to your Landing Page as possible.

This way, your leads can experience the power of the Carbon Copy Pro System.

Now as good as our System is, it's still very important to keep in mind that your personal touch, will make a big difference in exactly how much success you experience.

Here are some tips to consider when it comes to your marketing.

#1 - Always do your best to have a Custom Landing Page for your website visitors.

This would start with the headline of your Landing Page, perhaps a video or a nice photo of yourself and even a caption next to your photo.

Having a video of yourself at your Landing Page is the most powerful strategy, so be sure to review all the training on how to marketing yourself on your Landing Page in the PRO Back Office.

You see, personalizing your Landing Page will help your website visitors get to know you just enough to feel comfortable submitting their information at your site.

They will also feel more comfortable knowing that they are at the correct page if they came from any Social Media Marketing that you are doing.

By personalizing your Landing Page, you are also branding yourself in the minds of your website visitors as a real business owner with your own website and marketing system.

The New User Orientation Webinar will go over How to use the Custom Site Online Editor located in you back office.

If you do not want to learn how to build your own website hosted by CCPro, you can outsource to MyInstantTeam which is the company that CarbonCopyPro Members use to help them with many aspects of their online marketing when it comes to personal branding, blog design and several other services that they provide.

MyInstantTeam charges a very nominal fee for what they can do for you and will assist you in getting your page looking very professional and customized to your own business.

MyInstantTeam can be contacted by going to their website from the Services Tab in your Carbon Copy Pro Back Office.

Or go ahead and use your own website designer - it might be cheaper for you.

#2 - If you are an M2 or M3, and you plan on marketing through Pay Per Click at Google, Yahoo or MSN (BING), you will want to have your business domain hosted off of the Carbon Copy Pro main servers.

You can even host your own page if you know how to do so, as long as you host off of the Carbon Copy Pro Servers.

Having a domain hosted off of CCPro's main servers, ie, "OneYearPlan.Net" or "", will make your business completely unique and separate from other Carbon Copy Pro Members and will assist you greatly when it comes to getting the most traffic from the search engines.

This is very important if you are looking to make Pay Per Click your Primary Source of leads, as Google, Yahoo & MSN (BING) do not favor Affiliate Websites, which is what the CCPro Replicated Sites are.

#3 - When setting up your AWeber Autoresponder, be sure to go into each message and not only Personalize each message so that you display your own name and title, but also to Monetize your list with links to additional Affiliate Products that your Leads could benefit from regardless of whether or not they buy an Application from you.

Personalizing your Autresponders might look something like this:

For Messages going to your Leads: Sign your messages with something like:

To your success,

Greg Schmidt
Million Dollar Mentor (you can use Home Business Specialists or Experts, or whatever you like)
Carbon Copy Pro(s)

(Notice we don't offer our Telephone Number to Leads. This is because we only want to speak with Applicants. If you are New to Online Marketing, you may want to keep your number there so that those who want to call you, can reach you. You just better be ready to prospect if they call!)

Learn More About us: (add your own Link to your Branding
Page / Blog / Hub or Link Back Blog)

We also do not use M1, M2 or M3 Master Consultants in our Signature to leads. They don't know anything about Wealth Masters yet, so this would only confuse them.

For Messages going to Applicants: Sign your messages with something like this:

To your success,

Greg Schmidt
M2 Master Consultant
Carbon Copy Pros
Home Office: 303-929-4193
Skype: GregMSchmidt

Learn More About me: (link to your own Branding Page, Hub/ Blog / Link Back Blog)

NOTE* - Unlike leads, we DO want our Applicants to be able to contact us. This is because they've already purchased an Application and are more qualified for our time and attention.

You can follow our lead or do what you like, but we personally do not speak with leads until they are proven buyers!


This one strategy could generate you hundreds if not thousands of extra dollars per month.

Here are some samples of Monetization that we use to bring in more income each month.

Keep in mind that if you do not have these products, it would be a great idea to invest in them yourself, so that you too can set up a free Affiliate Account and earn by passively marketing these products to your list.

Here are some samples of Monetization that we add to the bottom of each email that goes out to our leads, starting on Day #3. : (be sure to change our links to YOURS)


7 F'REE Videos to Teach You How to
Make More Money & Generate More
F.REE Leads for ANY Home Business


Building Your Home Business on a Budget?
Learn the 5 BEST Ways to drive Fre.e Traffic


If you don't have these products yet, they are very good resources for you to learn how to become more successful with your CCPro Business.

Just remember, when it comes to Sales & Marketing online, when the Marketing is done right, the Sales part is easy, because very little is required.

Become a great marketer and you can write your own paycheck every single month!

For any questions, get in touch with me.

We are here to assist you and will show you exactly how we have had extreme success very
quickly with CCPro & Wealth Masters.

Warm & Prosperous Regards,

Greg Schmidt
M2 Master Consultant
Carbon Copy Pro Professional
Skype: GregMSchmidt

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