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Black Box Training Day 3

*New BiB Member Training Day #3 - Important Product Information

Welcome to your New BiB Member Training Day #3!

Let's do a Quick Recap:

By now you should have viewed both the WMI Product Line & Compensation Plan Videos included in the Welcome Guide and completed your Income Worksheet.

You see, if you don't know what your goals, and we don't know what your goals are, then there is no way for us to help you achieve something that neither of us know what it is!

These steps will teach you exactly how to set up your entire Marketing System so stick with these steps until they are complete.


So today, if you haven't already made your commitment, it's time for you to decide exactly which WMI Products you are going to position yourself with.

Remember, in order to earn at each level, M1, M2 & M3, you must already be qualified at that level by owning that particular product.

Now you will earn at the BiB Level on Applications, BiBs and Member Referral Fees each month, but to get paid 1K, 5K & 10K Commissions, you want to be positioned at the M1, M2 & M3 levels, especially if you plan on earning thousands per month starting right away.

You must also be positioned at these levels in order to earn on pass up sales, as well as the 30% Residual Income that is built into WMI's Compensation Plan. (This is income you earn for helping others succeed!)

Allow me to share a story with you:

The other day a new M2 consultant asked me, "What is the #1 quality you look for in a business partner?"

My response was, "Someone not afraid of investing in themselves and their business, someone who is coachable and someone who is not lazy when it comes to learning new skills."

You see, by making the investment into yourself and your business early on, in the beginning, right when you are first getting started, your returns come much faster than if you are doing the work, yet haven't invested in your WMI Product yet.

You see, when a Member could put the finances together to invest at the M1 or M2 levels, but only position themselves as a BiB Member, they are demonstrating their lack of faith and instead, vibrate at a level of "doubt."

Even if a BiB Member follows the system and does everything the 30 Day Marketing Guide suggests, their lack of financial commitment (when they really could put the m0ney together
to invest) will keep them in a place, that will instill doubt in others as well, and as a result, will keep them from generating the type of leads that are necessary to start earning the kind of income they came to this business for in the first place.

Even if they do generate some leads, and perhaps even applications, their "doubt" or lack of creative financing, will hold them back.

When someone positions them self at the M1 level, even if they are stretching their budget, they then vibrate at a higher level, more in the area of "faith", which is the evidence of things, yet
unseen. This is the person who believes they can be successful and their M1 investment not only proves their confidence, but it also allows them to send an unspoken message, that they
believe in what they are doing and are willing to take a small risk to make it work.

Now when you are positioned at the M2 & M3 Levels, you are operating at a whole different level called, "certainty", which is what people are buying in today's marketplace and very attracted to.

No faith or certainty = no sales.

No sales = no success.

It's that simple.

And it's at these levels of "faith & certainty" where you will attract others who not only vibrate at that same level, but who are also ready and willing to invest with you at the M2 and M3 levels.

Take Marc for example.

He came in as an M2. Within just a few days, he sold an M2 to his first Applicant and BiB Member. Marc made 4K right away and is on his way to big, big success.

Then there is Jeff & Marsha.

They came in at M2 and within just a couple weeks, sold their first M2, with another on the way shortly. They made over 6K in their first 3 weeks with us.

Same with Jerry.

Jerry did a Cold Market Campaign on Google and with just 12 leads in 3 days, he sold 2 Applications, 2 BiBs and an M2, from a Cold Lead from Google Adwords. Jerry made almost 5K in just 4 days advertising on Google.

Do you think these are all just coincidence?

Of course not.

What you think about, you bring about.

When you think BiB, you attract BiB, but this is not where your biggest success will come from.

Now if you invest at the M1 level, as you enroll new Applicants and BiB Members, you will start attracting others to purchase M1s from you.

This is great because you will earn between 850 & 1,000 per M1 sale, depending on how quickly your new Consultant purchases.

If you purchase quickly and decide early on that you are going to succeed, then others will follow your lead.

Remember, successful people make educated decisions quickly and change them very slowly. Unsuccessful people decide very slowly, but change their minds very quickly.

We see this happen every day.

Now obviously, if you are looking to earn 4K to 5K on your marketing efforts, you will want to position yourself at the M2 level as quickly as possible, because you will get paid both M1 & M2 Commission when you sell M2s.

Remember, it doesn't take any more effort to market M2s as it does M1s. Or, any more effort to market M3s as it does M2s.

This truly becomes life changing income because if you market just a couple of M2s per month, along with your Applications, BiB Sales and Member Referral Fees, you are now positioned to earn a 6 figure in'come right away.

You cannot do this as a BiB member and at the M1 level, you can make great income, but some of it might be used for your marketing expenses.

So, the key is to get to at least M1, but don't plan on staying there very long.

Matter of fact, M1s have a 10 day window to step up to M2, which will give them their M1 for F'REE, make them a Master Consultant (25K more on their first 10 M2 Sales) and get them a ticket to the next LIVE M2 Wealth Conference where you will see firsthand WMI, attend a 4 day Wealth Conference and get to rub shoulders with the Top Leaders & Earners, so you can pick their brains, get photos with them and become friends with your new wealth creation mentors.

If you are taking your business seriously, and want to be taken seriously, you must become at least an M1 right away, and even more seriously, think about upgrading to M2 so that you can position yourself for big checks and so that you can attend an M2 Wealth Conference right away.

Remember, to become a six figure earner, you must think and act like one first.

Every 6 Figure & 7 Figure earner in WMI, using CCPro as their marketing tool, gets to M2 as quickly as possible.

Imagine earning 4K - 5K on each M2 sale, versus only 1K on an M2 sale.

You'd have to pass up the M2 commission (3-4K) to your Sponsor simply because you weren't positioned correctly.

The same goes for M3.

You must be an M3 Consultant in order to keep all your M3 Sales commissions.

If you are only an M1 or M2 and you sell an M3, you will pass up between 3 1/2 & 9K per sale to your Sponsor.

Of course, as an M1 selling an M3, you will still make your 1,000 commission, but you will have to pass up the rest to your M2 & M3 consultants.

Now these people will be happy, but because you didn't make the investment yet, you had to give that in'come away. :-(

The key here is to position yourself as a leader right away, so that not only are you able to earn
at least 1K on your M1 sales, but also to assume the mindset that says, "I am ready".

By holding yourself back with "logic", that you cannot afford these investments, you will stunt your opportunity for the most success, vibrate at a level of "doubt" and you will find yourself struggling to get leads, applications and BiB Sales.

We see it every day.

Those who make the biggest commitments, create the biggest results.

Remember, what you think about, you bring about.

And if you are only thinking BiB, this is who you will attract.

Skeptical leads, fearful Applicants and very few BiB Members, if any at all.

In other words, you could project doubt and fear right into your organization, if you are in this frame of mind yourself.

You will hear things like, "this isn't working" or "I don't think I can do this" or "this is not for me".

So Members who hold back, play it safe, try not to "overspend" and are "being conservative", are the ones who don't make a dime in their business.

Instead of capitalizing on the greatest timing in their lives to prosper working from home and being their own boss, (financially independent forever), they think and act like all the other broke minded, fear filled doubters who don't take risks in life or in business, because that is what they are taught.

So, it's time to take a good strong look at your income & lifestyle right now.

Has the training and education you've received so far in your life when it comes to business, finances and success, really paid you what you deserve?

How about what you WANT?

If you are like 98% of people we meet, the answer is a resounding "NO"!

So, if what you have been thinking and doing for all your life has not gotten you the results you desire, why continue to do more of the same.

Remember, to get unreasonable results, you must take unreasonable action.

Your logic has only gotten you to where you are right now.

And making an investment into your success, like positioning yourself at least the M1 level, is the BEST investment you could make right now.

Now if you can do the M2, (Platinum Level) with a little stretch, you will better position yourself for big success in the long run, and much faster.

Ask yourself, "how much are you willing to borrow today, so that you can start living the life of your dreams, tomorrow?"

This is a very important question.

It's the same one that EVERY successful entrepreneur must ask him or herself.

So, pick your WMI Product Wisely, because it DOES make a very big difference in your success.

Take personal inventory on what you consider, "risky", and then stretch yourself just a little bit more.

Remember, your comfort zone is your "failure zone".

Don't think about where you are today, but where you are going tomorrow.

Face forward on your horse, look out into the horizon and do not turn back.

Remember, you must do the things today that others won't do, so that you can do the things tomorrow that others can't do.

Take a risk.

Stretch yourself.

And STEP up with the biggest commitment of your life.

After all, isn't the rest of your life waiting for you to arrive?

With CCPro, Wealth Masters and our support, you cannot lose, when we've already won.

Give us a call to discuss any questions or concerns and we will be here to guide you every step of the way, if you let us, that is.

Remember, reach up to be pulled up and let us know how we can assist you.

Warm & Prosperous Regards,

Greg Schmidt
M2 Master Consultant
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