Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The 3 types of social groups

There are 3 types of social groups: Alphas, Pre-Alphas, and Betas. I will discuss the difference between these groups and you decide at the end of this article which group you fall into.

Let's start with the Alphas. These are usually known as the dominate person in a group. Alphas, or simply the leaders, tend to have a strong presence within their own group that they are associated with. An Alpha can be a captain of a sports team, a pastor of a church, or a grocery store manager. The common thing everyone has in this group is leadership. Every one of these leaders has others look up to them. They follow their advice. They have a dominating presence and attract others because of this trait. Alpha leaders also never back down from a challenge. They take whatever is in their way and conquer it. It doesn't matter to them if someone is critical to them of their business. They tend to just ignore the disparaging. Their mindset is so strong that it is unbreakable to anyone trying to bring them down a level. These leaders can also radiate confidence over their followers that are the next social group, the pre alphas.

The second type of social group is called a Pre Alpha. These are the people who have the up and coming traits as an Alpha. Pre Alphas are willing to do anything their Alpha Leader tells them to do to become as successful as them. Someday these pre alphas will become an Alpha as long as they continue to follow the footsteps of their leader. They will have to continue to move out of their comfort zone and start implementing their own leadership qualities. This takes time. You can't become and Alpha overnight. To become a leader, you must follow first. Too many times people think they can become a leader without following first. These people are called Beta's, the third type of social groups.

The difference between a pre alpha and a beta is that the pre alpha has the vision and the willingness to get through their adversities. The betas are classified as the "wanna be's" They think that they can surround themselves with an Alpha and "wish" or "hope" that success runs right off them. This will never happen. Wishing to be successful in business is absurd. Beta's think that once they join a business because they know someone else in that business, that the money is going to fall into their lap. They will also never take responsibility for their failures. They will always blame someone else and use excuses. And everything is a "scam" to them. It's a rarity that a Beta will put trust into someone else. They might tell you that they have the belief to be successful, but a lot of times this is a fake belief. They will only tell you what you want to hear.

A lot of times people wonder how to become an Alpha leader. This is very simple. Start surrounding yourself with the people you want to model. Acquire that unbreakable mindset that you need to conquer ANYTHING! Believe in yourself to transform your actions and behaviors into the results you want to see. Bring as much value to others in all aspects of life and watch this world become a better place!

So what category do you fall into?

Until next time,

Greg Schmidt

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sick and Tired of Being Pitched?

I'm sure we are all tired of being pitched on "the next best thing" or "my company is better" type of  opportunities.  But it's also kind of nice to know who the experienced marketers are and which ones are trying to keep their head above water.  I did something last week to someone when they tried to pitch me their idea when the only thing I wanted was to be their friend on facebook.  I asked this person:
"How many people know about your business?"

The person replied "over 1 million people, I bet."  

I believed him.
(This was a popular juice company)

Then I asked this person:

"How many people know you?  The same million people?"

He replied  "No, probably not."

You see people aren't going to join the popular juice company.  They want to join a person.  A person will help guide his/her followers to their success.  A business opportunity won't do that.  
Now I am not the one to go and put anybody down because I got pitched on something I had no interest in.  I simply told this person to work on telling the world about YOU.  People are going to follow YOU and not your business opportunity.  

This person took my advice and admitted he had never heard this before!  Wow, it's the people like this that definitely need our help.

I know we all get pitched everyday.  Don't get frustrated with this.  You never know, that person may really need your help.  So go out there and help somebody today, and be that leader to lead them to success!

Monday, October 12, 2009

5 essential components to run a successful home business

There are some crucial steps you need to have when developing your business model to succeed in your home based business or network marketing opportunity. I am going to discuss the 5 components that you will need to implement in order to run a profitable business.

1. Have to have a traffic generator! How are you going to acquire leads? You have to have something set up to market to your potential prospects. This can be done with mass marketing campaigns which should be directed to the specific community of people you are targeting. Use as many traffic generating resources as possible to create your army of leads by branding yourself to your prospects to create that personal relationship.

2 Your marketing funnel. Once you have leads coming in from your traffic generating sites, you need to provide them valuable information to keep them interested and involved. Not everyone is going to join your primary business and that's ok. But offering an inexpensive retail item that will benefit your leads (joining your business or not) will not only provide you with a little money up front but becoming that expert in authority as well. Email autoresponders are a huge factor in keeping your leads organized. These little email reminders allow your prospects to stay plugged in before they ever join.

3. Your order processor. This step allows you to take the credit card orders without actually being there (merchant accounts). This will definitely save you time so can spend more time building your business. The order processing system will allow you to use the profits from the orders to roll back into your advertising and marketing campaigns. This minimizes or eliminates your out-of-pockets expenses.

4 Your actual product, service, or system. By now, you should have some very interested people coming out of your funnel. These people are now asking about your product or service and now is the time to give it to them.
You should have no problem now with your prospect in agreeing to invest in your product, service, or system.
Only give it to them, if they ASK for it! Never pitch! Many uneducated entrepreneurs decide to pitch their product first. This should never be step 1!

5. Your business opportunity. This is where you should have created that customer for life. By now, you have established yourself as the expert and leader that you prospect has been looking for. Your prospect, or I should say, new team member has now plugged into your system and ready to make the money and create the life he/she has always wanted. Now it is your job to continue to mentor and induce the leadership qualities and skills that you have learned so it can be passed on and on.

So follow these steps in order. This whole 5 step process will allow you to drive traffic, build relationships with potential customers, provide valuable information, and sell the product, service, or system for you.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Stay Plugged in!

This is my story

This is my story. Growing up through my highschool years I knew I wanted to do 2 things with my life. I wanted to have a career where I was 1: constantly helping people while I 2: stayed active. No suits and ties for me!! I wasn't going to sit behind a desk, get fat and out of shape. So I became a personal trainer. Definitely could help people and stay active at the same time. At the time, I thought to myself "this is what I am supposed to do." Yes, I enjoyed what I did for about 7 years. But in the last year, the fire started to fade a little. People were given me excuses why they couldn't come this week or even continue training altogether. This was just a small percentage but it still frustrated me to not have the same drive I once had. I decided to move into the industry of entrepreneurship. I knew I could still help people with this and supplement my income. There were 2 MLM opportunities that were presented to me in the same week back in 2004. I couldn't decide on which one I wanted to pursure, so I chose BOTH!! I know, pretty stupid. These companies were very similar. They both had awesome consumable products that everyone could use. But trying to run 2 companies at the same time wasn't working! I was begging people to join my business just so I could make a few bucks. I knew this wasn't the right way to do things but my sponsors told me this way so I listened to them. I was talking to my friends, neighbors and relatives trying to join my company or companies. Pretty soon I realized I was ruining some relationhips that I really cared about. My relationship with my wife was deteriating . We started fighting because we knew we had made a mistake. I was wishing for things to pick up, but they never did. Consequently, I failed. I did these 2 companies for about 2 years and definitlety lost more money than I made. I was so discouraged that I thought I would never "make it" in life to provide for myself and my family. But I stuck with personal training because it's what I knew. Fast-forward to middle of 2009. I was still doing the personal training thing, still going through the motions a little. But I always had faith that I knew something was going to happen to me that would change my life somehow in 2009. That happened on a Monday afternoon in July while I was in the gym working. I found my calling in what I am supposed to do. This was definitely a wake up for me. I found a system that not only was going to financially provide for me and my family, but it helped me grow as a person! I had my thinking ALL Wrong! My mindset was way off. I had NO personal development knowledge so I wasn't treating myself and other people the way I should. I found out I was only helping myself and not others. I learned that giving begins the receiving process. The more I gave, the more I got in return. Sounds very simple, but I didn't get that. I found out that frustration could be explode like a bomb or be used as rocket fuel. I now know to use it as rocket fuel. Yes, I have failed a lot. I now know that failure are lessons in disguise and are essential to my success. I now learn from my failures and pass on the information to others so they don't make the same mistakes that I have made. I wasn't a visionary person. I have never defined the results I wanted to see. I never got out of my comfort zone. I now see the vision. I know where I am going and success is following. I know that there are going to be many obstacles that will be presented in my path. But having faith will get me through the obstacles and not around them. Being successful in the entrepreneurial industry has taught me a lot. One thing I have finally mastered it to deal with change. In order to truly master change, you must surrender to it and manage the unexpected. So I am challenging you to go out and find yourself. Ask yourself what YOU can do to contribute to this wonderful world to make a difference.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Find your thirsty people


     This is a story I heard today:  A young salesman come to his boss to express his frustrated that he isn't producing up to his standards.  The young salesman is telling his boss that he is bringing many prospects to his business but no one is buying.  The boss reminds the young man of the old saying:  you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.  The young salesman has heard this many times from his boss so this was very redundant to him.  Then the boss tells him that there is a second half to this story.  He says:  your job is not to make the horse drink, it's to make him thirsty!  I thought this was a great story.  We, as marketers or salesmen, have to show the value and brand yourself or product to make people "thirsty".  Thirsty people are buyers!  So go find your thirsty people, life is so much rewarding when you can quench someone's thirst!