Friday, August 13, 2010

Black Box Training Day 2

*New BiB Member Training - Day #2 - Fully Activating Your Back Office

OK, by now you should have completed the Welcome Guide found in your Back Office and are ready to Fully Activate.

(If you haven't completed this Welcome Guide, you must do it before moving on to this next set of instructions.)

If you have completed the Welcome Guide your CCPro Back Office will allow you to access the New Member Set Up Steps.

This Set Up & Training is critical to your success, so go through each step there and take the necessary action in order to get your System set up and threaded together as soon as possible.

Once everything is all linked together properly, then you are ready to move forward and begin marketing.

For any technical questions, we might be able to assist you, however, be sure to use the Support Tab in your CCPro Back Office as the Support Team is excellent and will be able to answer many questions that we cannot.

When we first signed up with CCPro, we relied on the CCPro Support Team to answer as many questions as we had about everything we were unsure of.

Don't hesitate to contact support. You will appreciate their great service and the fact that your own new members will be able to do the same when they get started as well. This truly creates a "System Dependent" Team, which is what we expect you are looking for.

Ok, go through the New Member Set Up Steps and get your System all threaded together, so you can then begin marketing.

We will speak with you shortly,

Greg Schmidt
M2 Master Consultant
Denver Colorado USA
Skype: GregMSchmidt

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