Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Do you think you can or think you can't?

Have you ever heard he expression: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are always right."?

Henry Ford said this many years ago.

This hit me in such a way that I had to share this with everyone. Remember the old children's story about the "little engine that could"? I remember reading this when I was a kid ( I don't remember the whole story, just the jist.)

Anyway, here was this little engine train climbing a huge hill. What did he tell himself?

He continually told himself: "I think I can, I think I can," and so on. He got to the top of his hill and over the hump because he continually believed in himself by telling himself HE CAN.

What a positive mindset!

This so relates to the successful people in business and in sports. Athletes, businessmen, along with other populations of people will always have those "hills to climb" in life.

It's the ones that tell themselves "I can" that cultivate the expectation of success.

They see that vision of success so clearly, they don't realize the magnitude of the steepness of their hill. And that's when true winners and leaders are developed.

Your mind is so powerful that you either talk yourself into success or talk yourself into failure.

I see this a lot in business especially those that are looking for an opportunity to make some money at home.

You will have the people that will question themselves and end up not believing in themselves. This is where the saying gets it meaning.

You are always right when it comes to the decision in believing in yourself or not!

Do you think you can or can't? I guess it doesn't really matter, because you will always answer this one right!

To all of your success,

Greg Schmidt

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tendencies of a Home Business "Tire Kicker"

First of all: What are "tire kickers?"

To me these are people who aren't serious about taking that leap of faith to become their own boss. Or, they "try" a home business, quit and fail.

Then what happens?

They trash their sponsor and home business they are in because they CAN"T accept the fact they failed! It's very emotionally painful for us humans to accept failure. Yeah, most people do fail in the home business industry. They are the "tire kickers".

Here are some tendencies of a "tire kicker".

1. They Constantly "pitch" their opportunity to EVERYONE! Now sometimes this works. But soon people drop off because they sense the "tire kicker" is only chasing money!

Some Leadership's advice: ALWAYS provide value to people. Make people Chase YOU!! It's so much easier to buy something you already want isn't it? Remember this: Contribution ALWAYS comes before collection.

2. They use words like "I'll TRY" or "Sorry" (they will apologize). First let's discuss why they say "I'll Try".
Saying "I'll Try" gives yourself the option to fail. Have you ever heard this: "Well, I tried but..."

Some leadership advice: Never say "try", just DO IT!! Never give yourself the option to fail. Yes, you may fall down sometimes in business but the only way to ultimately fail is if you QUIT! Remember this: Failures are essential to success and are lessons in disguise.

A tire kicker: Says "sorry". To me apologizing develops a weakness in your character. Sorry- is the easy way out. This will never build your character as a business person. How may times do you think Donald Trump has apologized?

Some Leadership advice: Stand up for what you believe in. Be that strong leader the everyone wants to follow.

3. They are impatient! They need to see immediate results NOW! Life being an entrepreneur is a long journey. "Tire kicker's" have the Lottery mentality and demand instant results.

Some Leadership advice: There are many things to work on when becoming an entrepreneur. Patience is definitely something you need to understand. He that can have Patience, can have what he will.

4. They have NO MINDSET! Many of these people don't even know what this means!! They have no way to know how to rebound from tiny failures that will present themselves in their journey. They believe: When fear presents itself, safety is their GOD.

Some Leadership advice: You got to have an unbreakable mindset to manifest that vision for you to become successful in business. Never let failures conquer you!

I really do believe that current "tire kicker's" can break free from their negative tendencies.

They have to surround themselves with the people they want to become, believe in themselves, set goals with a deadline, promote themselves instead of their products or services, and have that unbreakable mindset to conquer all failures and others who don"t believe in them.


Greg Schmidt
Internet Marketer

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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How do you develop a positive mindset?

Here's what you gotta do:

Aim as high as you possibly can so that even if you fall

short of your vision, your chances of success are still

good. Thinking positively excites your emotions and this

helps to stimulate your creative spirit.

Your brain responds to stimuli. Expose yourself to positive

stimuli and avoid the negative. You will eventually begin to

see more things as possible. Read the success stories and view videos of

others who came before you. The more you absorb the positive

mindset of successful men and women, the more you see

yourself on the same path of success.

Those who expect negative things to happen, often experience

negative things and fail as a result. A home-based

entrepreneur who has a negative mindset is likely to give up

on his business the moment that an obstacle presents itself

because it will be seen as impossible to surpass.

A home-based entrepreneur who has a positive mindset is

likely to encounter success. Having a positive mindset does

not mean that your path will be free of obstacles, but

someone with a positive mindset will find a way to get

around them. One of my many mentors told me:

"Obstacles are those scary things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."

Greg Schmidt