Friday, October 9, 2009

This is my story

This is my story. Growing up through my highschool years I knew I wanted to do 2 things with my life. I wanted to have a career where I was 1: constantly helping people while I 2: stayed active. No suits and ties for me!! I wasn't going to sit behind a desk, get fat and out of shape. So I became a personal trainer. Definitely could help people and stay active at the same time. At the time, I thought to myself "this is what I am supposed to do." Yes, I enjoyed what I did for about 7 years. But in the last year, the fire started to fade a little. People were given me excuses why they couldn't come this week or even continue training altogether. This was just a small percentage but it still frustrated me to not have the same drive I once had. I decided to move into the industry of entrepreneurship. I knew I could still help people with this and supplement my income. There were 2 MLM opportunities that were presented to me in the same week back in 2004. I couldn't decide on which one I wanted to pursure, so I chose BOTH!! I know, pretty stupid. These companies were very similar. They both had awesome consumable products that everyone could use. But trying to run 2 companies at the same time wasn't working! I was begging people to join my business just so I could make a few bucks. I knew this wasn't the right way to do things but my sponsors told me this way so I listened to them. I was talking to my friends, neighbors and relatives trying to join my company or companies. Pretty soon I realized I was ruining some relationhips that I really cared about. My relationship with my wife was deteriating . We started fighting because we knew we had made a mistake. I was wishing for things to pick up, but they never did. Consequently, I failed. I did these 2 companies for about 2 years and definitlety lost more money than I made. I was so discouraged that I thought I would never "make it" in life to provide for myself and my family. But I stuck with personal training because it's what I knew. Fast-forward to middle of 2009. I was still doing the personal training thing, still going through the motions a little. But I always had faith that I knew something was going to happen to me that would change my life somehow in 2009. That happened on a Monday afternoon in July while I was in the gym working. I found my calling in what I am supposed to do. This was definitely a wake up for me. I found a system that not only was going to financially provide for me and my family, but it helped me grow as a person! I had my thinking ALL Wrong! My mindset was way off. I had NO personal development knowledge so I wasn't treating myself and other people the way I should. I found out I was only helping myself and not others. I learned that giving begins the receiving process. The more I gave, the more I got in return. Sounds very simple, but I didn't get that. I found out that frustration could be explode like a bomb or be used as rocket fuel. I now know to use it as rocket fuel. Yes, I have failed a lot. I now know that failure are lessons in disguise and are essential to my success. I now learn from my failures and pass on the information to others so they don't make the same mistakes that I have made. I wasn't a visionary person. I have never defined the results I wanted to see. I never got out of my comfort zone. I now see the vision. I know where I am going and success is following. I know that there are going to be many obstacles that will be presented in my path. But having faith will get me through the obstacles and not around them. Being successful in the entrepreneurial industry has taught me a lot. One thing I have finally mastered it to deal with change. In order to truly master change, you must surrender to it and manage the unexpected. So I am challenging you to go out and find yourself. Ask yourself what YOU can do to contribute to this wonderful world to make a difference.

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