Thursday, October 22, 2009

The 3 types of social groups

There are 3 types of social groups: Alphas, Pre-Alphas, and Betas. I will discuss the difference between these groups and you decide at the end of this article which group you fall into.

Let's start with the Alphas. These are usually known as the dominate person in a group. Alphas, or simply the leaders, tend to have a strong presence within their own group that they are associated with. An Alpha can be a captain of a sports team, a pastor of a church, or a grocery store manager. The common thing everyone has in this group is leadership. Every one of these leaders has others look up to them. They follow their advice. They have a dominating presence and attract others because of this trait. Alpha leaders also never back down from a challenge. They take whatever is in their way and conquer it. It doesn't matter to them if someone is critical to them of their business. They tend to just ignore the disparaging. Their mindset is so strong that it is unbreakable to anyone trying to bring them down a level. These leaders can also radiate confidence over their followers that are the next social group, the pre alphas.

The second type of social group is called a Pre Alpha. These are the people who have the up and coming traits as an Alpha. Pre Alphas are willing to do anything their Alpha Leader tells them to do to become as successful as them. Someday these pre alphas will become an Alpha as long as they continue to follow the footsteps of their leader. They will have to continue to move out of their comfort zone and start implementing their own leadership qualities. This takes time. You can't become and Alpha overnight. To become a leader, you must follow first. Too many times people think they can become a leader without following first. These people are called Beta's, the third type of social groups.

The difference between a pre alpha and a beta is that the pre alpha has the vision and the willingness to get through their adversities. The betas are classified as the "wanna be's" They think that they can surround themselves with an Alpha and "wish" or "hope" that success runs right off them. This will never happen. Wishing to be successful in business is absurd. Beta's think that once they join a business because they know someone else in that business, that the money is going to fall into their lap. They will also never take responsibility for their failures. They will always blame someone else and use excuses. And everything is a "scam" to them. It's a rarity that a Beta will put trust into someone else. They might tell you that they have the belief to be successful, but a lot of times this is a fake belief. They will only tell you what you want to hear.

A lot of times people wonder how to become an Alpha leader. This is very simple. Start surrounding yourself with the people you want to model. Acquire that unbreakable mindset that you need to conquer ANYTHING! Believe in yourself to transform your actions and behaviors into the results you want to see. Bring as much value to others in all aspects of life and watch this world become a better place!

So what category do you fall into?

Until next time,

Greg Schmidt

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  1. I fall into whatever category that falls under me looking in the mirror and being in 'awe' of my damn self!

    ..I used to be bashful