Monday, October 19, 2009

Sick and Tired of Being Pitched?

I'm sure we are all tired of being pitched on "the next best thing" or "my company is better" type of  opportunities.  But it's also kind of nice to know who the experienced marketers are and which ones are trying to keep their head above water.  I did something last week to someone when they tried to pitch me their idea when the only thing I wanted was to be their friend on facebook.  I asked this person:
"How many people know about your business?"

The person replied "over 1 million people, I bet."  

I believed him.
(This was a popular juice company)

Then I asked this person:

"How many people know you?  The same million people?"

He replied  "No, probably not."

You see people aren't going to join the popular juice company.  They want to join a person.  A person will help guide his/her followers to their success.  A business opportunity won't do that.  
Now I am not the one to go and put anybody down because I got pitched on something I had no interest in.  I simply told this person to work on telling the world about YOU.  People are going to follow YOU and not your business opportunity.  

This person took my advice and admitted he had never heard this before!  Wow, it's the people like this that definitely need our help.

I know we all get pitched everyday.  Don't get frustrated with this.  You never know, that person may really need your help.  So go out there and help somebody today, and be that leader to lead them to success!

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