Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is there illegal or illegitimate businesses out there?

Of course there are, but not as many as you think. At least 98% of people and businesses that are of accused being a scam are being improperly labeled. There are a few reasons why calling something a scam is a scam.

First of all people “jump the gun” without educating themselves about the products or service. They only see the income opportunity. People don’t take responsibility for the decisions they make. They buy some information or start a business and when it doesn’t work for them they fail and call it a scam.  As humans, we are very uncomfortable with emotional “pain”.  When we become frustrated and struggle with something, we quit.  And why is that?  It’s because we feel better getting away from that “pain” and frustration that we experience. These are the people who don’t do the research, don’t follow the instructions, and are under capitalized in their business. 

I know this because this was me at one time.

A mentor of mine told me once: “Your frustration can explode like a bomb or be used as rocket fuel.”

They also use the successful person’s traffic to get people to there website. This is a classic move by someone selling something right after they trash a person on there site. Can you believe this is their marketing strategy?  I am sure you have all seen this: 

Person tells you not to do “business A” because it’s a scam.  What they’re really saying is that “I have failed this business and I won’t admit that. I am not going to blame myself only the business.”  Here’s that emotional pain this person has experienced.  

Then this person proceeds to market their business “B” right after they have just trashed business “A”.  How much credibility is this person going to have?  Would you like to work with a person like this?  

There are a lot of legitimate businesses out there to be had.  My advice, if there is a business opportunity that interests you, take a look at it first.  Educate yourself about the company, the marketing system, compensation plan and then make a decision for YOURSELF!!  Stay ahead of the curve to improve your odds of being successful. Just because someone trashes a business you may be interested in, doesn’t mean it’s not good for YOU.  Take the time and contact the person in charge of the potential business opportunity.  Most credible businesses will have easy access contact information.  

I really hope this has reached out to someone that is researching the right business opportunity for themselves.  You can check out the opportunity that I have been having success with at:  www.livelikegreg.com

Remember: If you never take any responsibility for your failures then it makes it almost impossible to succeed.

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