Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get on your bike!

    I know some of you are looking for a new adventure and are uncertain where to begin.  Some may look for some information through books, searching the internet, or through videos.  How did you learn how to ride a bike?  Did you read about it?  Did someone show you a video on how to ride a bike?  Of course not.  You got on it and learned by DOING!  I'm sure you fell a lot or even ran into something and wrecked.  But how did you overcome these little "failures"?  You learned what worked and what didn't.  You learned that you weren't confident riding downhill and turning left.  But its how you respond to these "falls" that determines your success.  You learned from your mistakes and became better.  You worked on the things you weren't good at and soon you became a pro at riding your bike.  So get on your bike, prepare to fall a few times, but get right back up knowing you can do it!

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