Monday, September 21, 2009

Be A Rhino!

Have the mindset of a rhino! Envision a thick jungle ahead of you. Your goal, your pot of gold is on the other side. A rhino will put his head down and barrell through that jungle and bulldoze anything that is in his way. You have to have that mentality in your business. Yes, there are going to be alot of abstacles in your way. The rhino may have fallen trees or large intertwining vines that can he can stumble upon. The rhino doesn't care. He's not going to look back. Unlike a deer in the same jungle, the deer always looks back. Deer are very fearful and hardly take any chances. They are constantly running for shelter from any danger. So be a rhino! You have a goal you NEED to reach to be successful. Put your head down, bulldoze any obstacles that are in your way, never look back, and you will soon get through your jungle!

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