Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weeding out the tire kickers

     I am a little peeved about something.  There's a lot of people that get in to a home based business and then trash it when they have failed.  Then what happens?  They tell the whole world that it is a scam.  Well let me tell you that these people fall into the category of "the 97%ers."  They get into a home based business and think the money is going to fall in their lap and when it doesn't, they put their tail between their legs and pout.  They also end up spending more money than they make.   Yes, its true that 97% of people that start a home based business fail and only 3% succeed.  These 3%ers succeed because they have the mindset, know what it takes to make some serious money, and live the lifestyle they deserve.  97%ers don't envision the lifestyle they deserve.  They don't surround themselves with people that are already successful in their industry.   

    Here's what happens when a 97%er joins a home business.  They first see only the money, think their bank account will change overnight, don't have the right marketing system, and don't educate themselves on their product or service.  I know I will never work with a 97%er.  They're going to fail and then blame me.   

    My advice to anyone that's thinking of getting in to a home business is to first have that mindset.  Believe that you will have success.  Achieve this and you are on your way.  Then set a goal.  A leader of mine told me "any goal without a deadline is just a wish".  That's so true!   The you need to focus on the marketing system and not the selling part.  Isn't it easier to promote a product than to sell it?  I don't think anyone can argue that.  Who wants to be sold on something?  I know I don't.  

   So if you think you fall into the category of a 3%er, I'll show you what I do at the end of this article.  If you are reading this and your not in this category, move on and go back to your boring JOB that you hate and underpays.  I know I am not going to waste my time with a 97%er!!

   Remember home based businesses don't fail, people do!

Here's what I do to enjoy the lifestyle I deserve.  

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Thanks, I feel better now

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