Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Headed out of town on vacation!

    Boy, I can't wait until Friday!  My wife and I are going to the "windy city" Chicago just to get away from Colorado for a few days.  Actually the main reason we are going is to see Pearl Jam, my favorite band of all time!  For me, there's nothing like sitting in a crowd of people singing along to all the songs they are going  to play this Sunday and Monday.  
We'll probably hit a Cubs game on Tuesday when they host the Nationals.  My wife's never been to Chicago so she's excited for the opportunity to see the historic Wrigley Field and all the other wonderful sites to see.  I'm sure we'll hit all the fine restaurants and pizza places only to come back a few pounds heavier.  
This also reminds me of the last time I went to Chicago.  It was spring break 1999 and six of us were driving from Iowa City to Chicago.  We were going to Cancun early the next day.  Our party consisted of Sean and Rory (twin brothers from Iowa City), my friends Steve, Brian, Brent and I.  We piled in the car and made the 3 1/2 hour trip to Chicago. We were going to stay at Sean and Rory's sister's boyfriends parents house. (Got that?)  Now Sean and Rory both met the parents before but had never been to there house.  
We arrive in Chicago around 1pm.  Sean then realizes that he doesn't have the directions or phone number to the house where we were going to stay.  Great, now what do we do?  After about 10 minutes of us getting all over Sean's case, he starts to remember some of the directions and details.
Seans says "I think the house is on Sherman St (I really don't recall the actual street) or something like that, I think 3553 Sherman St.   No one will be at the house when we get there, so we can go in and make ourselves comfortable.  The front door will be unlocked, there is a basketball hoop in the driveway,there will be a black lab in the backyard that is fenced in, and someone will be home around 5." This is all the information he recalls at the time.
 We all thought that should be enough information to get to the house.  So after a while we find Sherman St and then within minutes we find 3553 Sherman (remember, not really the address).  Sure enough, we find a basketball hoop in the driveway, and the door unlocked.  Wow, we actually made it without directions!  
So we make ourselves comfortable by watching TV, eating the food and drinks in the fridge, playing hoops and tossing the ball around in the backyard with the dog.  We have been at this house for about an hour to an hour and a half when Sean and Rory go up to the mantle where all the family pictures are displayed.  (remember sean and Rory have met these people before).  The two are looking at them and one says to the other "Do you know any of these people?"  The other says "No". 
        So they rush to the kitchen to pick up some old mail, and sure enough, we were in the WRONG house!!  Everybody drops everything and rushes out the front door.  This is all happening while I'm still in the backyard!!  So I come in the house and no one is there.  I see bags of chips, half eaten sandwiches, empty cans of soda.  I mean we accidently trashed this house!  After I got the news, we got in the car and went down a few blocks to find the right house.  Pretty wild story, huh.

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