Monday, November 23, 2009

Lazy People and a Broken Escalator.

So I was getting off the tram in the Denver airport and on my way to baggage claim. (Denver has an underground tram system that takes you from the terminal to baggage claim/ticket counters) As I was going toward the 2 escalators to head upstairs, there was a sudden halt by the crowd before getting on. Everyone was getting on 1 of the escalators because the other one was broken!! I thought to myself, What a bunch of lazy people!!

I mean who would dare to actually WALK up the stairs of the broken escalator!!

This kind of hit me in a funny way with how people react when something minuscule happens to them and don't know how to react to it.

It's a broken escalator!! You can still WALK up the dang thing!!

And what's funny was most people were waiting to use the revolving one!! Some decided to take the stairs. Very few though, maybe 3%?? HAHA

This is interesting for me to see. This is how most people react when something is out of the norm for them and can't quite grasp to do next.

These are the people that know how to accept an obstacle in front of them and overcome it. Live isn't always going to give you the easy way up to the top like the escalator.

So I admired those that took the stairs. Definitely people that I could see being my potential team members!

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