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New Black Box Member Training Day #5 - Setting Up an Autoresponse to Questions From Leads

By now you should have your System completely set up.

Your domain name. (hosted by CCPro for uniqueness if you are going to market on Google, Yahoo or MSN (BING).

Your landing page. (with your own video, photo, headlines, captions, story, etc..., for uniqueness)

And your Aweber Autoresponder Messages for leads & applicants.

Remember to both personalize and monetize your autoresponder messages so that not only do you brand yourself to your lists, but you also earn extra income from those who do not purchase
an application.

Ok, so now that you are all set up, and your focus is now on marketing, you will want to be aware that as you begin generating leads, you are going to find that some people are going to want to talk to you or ask questions before they purchase an application.

Now, if you weren't a CCPro Member and using the #1 Converting Online Marketing System in the World, I'd say, "hey, you might want to talk to all of your "leads".

However, because of the power of CCPro and the entire process that not only you have come through, but every single CCPro Member has experienced, I will tell you right now that there is absolutely NO reason you have to talk to a "Lead" who has not demonstrated their commitment
by at least purchasing an Application at your CCPro Website.

Now, Some of these questions / comments that your leads will send you include, but are not limited to:

- How much does this business cost?
- What do I do next?
- I don't have a credit card. How can I do this?
- I live in (pick a country, city, state). Can I do this?
- Is this a scam?
- What is the product?
- Can we speak on the phone?
- Please Unsubscribe me.

And a WHOLE host of other silly, time wasting, but sometimes legitimate questions, comments or concerns.

Now if you are taking full advantage of the CCPro System, you will only want to talk to those who have qualified for your time and invested in purchassing an application kit at your website.

This practice allows you to be in control of your time and makes sure that you are only doing the things that truly put m0ney in your pocket which is speaking to qualified applicants, not "time- wasting" prospects.

Speaking to people and answering questions from those who haven't yet invested in an application kit, is a complete waste of time, as most of these people are suspects, not prospects.

(Oh, by the way, we recommend that you turn your "Call Me" Leads, OFF, under the Customers Tab of your CCPro Back Office. Most of these people are time wasters and will force you to "prospect" them, instead of just having a conversation with an Applicant, who is eagerly waiting for you to tell them what they must do next to move forward.)

So, to keep you from wasting time with leads who have not purchased an application yet, but want to ask a lot of questions, you are about to learn how to completely automate a response
that will go right back to your leads who respond to your leads autoresponders, without you ever having to lift a finger!

Let me just tell you that after manually sending the message below, to hundreds of leads, (which was pretty much a HUGE waste of my time) I have figured out how to automate this process.

Here's how to do it for your own business so that you never have to waste time reading and responding to these people:

#1 - Set up a NEW Gmail Account that you will never use for anything but an Auto-response to your Leads Questions.

#2 - Under Settings (at top of page once your new email account is set up, turn the "Vacation Responder" ON.

Then, Copy & Paste this Subject & Message into the Correct Fields.

(Be SURE to change all contact details, website address & affiliate links to your own address. Also, if you are building your business without a partner, you might want to change the "we" to "I" in relevant sentences. In other words, PROOF READ this response before saving it in your new Gmail Account Vacation Responder Settings )

Subject: Important Auto-Reply to Your Message


Friend & Potential Business Partner,

This is an auotmated reply to your recent email to us.

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept emails from everyone who has inquired at our web site, as we get too many inquiries and we are far too busy assisting our applicants and team members.

For your convenience, we have assembled some answers to the most common questions we receive...

**QUESTION #1: How do I know you're real people?

A: That's fair enough. Feel free to follow me and learn more about me if you like:

Here is My Personal Blog:

Friend Up with Greg on FaceBook Here:

Follow Greg on Twitter Here:

You will see that after reviewing my information, that I am a real person

**QUESTION #2: Why do I have to fill out an application?

A: Filling out an Application is a filtration process that allows us to work with people who are truly serious and not just curious about earning thousands of dollars per week with us.

You will greatly appreciate this process should you decide to move forward and partner with us.
Everyone fills out an application to be considered for the Carbon Copy Pro team.

We did it and so does everybody on our team who is looking for us to teach them how we make this kind of income.

Submit your application here to be considered for our team.

**QUESTION #3: What is the product?

A: We market a very highly respectable and in demand product line. All is explained when you submit your application.

We assure you that you will not have to pitch your family or friends, make your list or cold call leads.

**QUESTION #4: Can we speak on the phone?

A: We get WAY too many inquires on a daily basis and couldn't possibly speak to all of the individuals requesting our attention.

For this reason, we reserve our time and attention for our team so that we can ensure their success.

All of our applicants and members appreciate the fact that they are in an elite group who truly qualify for our time.

We do, however, speak with everyone who completes a CarbonCopyPRO Application, so submit your application and we'll contact you usually within just a few hours.

**QUESTION #5: Can I sign up even though I live outside the United States?

A: Yes, anyone in any country can sign up. Our only criteria is that you understand and speak English as CarbonCopyPRO is only available in English at this time.

This means that your market consistes of over 1.2 Billion people in 14 English Speaking countries. With this size market, you can become one of our 100 Millionaires in the next few years.

Fill out an Application to get the process started:

**QUESTION #6: I don't use a Credit Card. Can I still fill out an Application?

A: At this time, the CarbonCopyPRO System only accepts Major Credit Cards.

You can use a Debit Card as long as it shows a Visa or MasterCard Logo on it. If you do not have a Major Credit or Debit Card, perhaps you can find a family member or friend who will allow you to use their card and you can pay them back.

**QUESTION #7: Will you join my biz opp?

A: Sorry, I have no interest in any other business ventures. I find that it is best to be a focused expert and achieve the pinnacle of success in ONE thing, rather than being mediocre in many things.

**QUESTION #8: How do I unsubscribe from future emails?

A: You can stop all emails from us by scrolling to the bottom of any email you receive. Just click the unsubscribe link and you won't ever hear from us again.

**QUESTION #9: I'm not interested in CarbonCopyPRO, but would like to figure out how to build my own business online. Do you have any specific tips that might help me?

A: Definitely. If we had to trace back to one thing what has led to 95% of our success online, earning hundreds of thousands in the process, it definitely boils down to one training resource.

Go watch the videos at this link, and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND picking up the book, and any of the other related training that applies to you. You will be very happy you did! ;)

We hope these answers helped you and we apologize for any inconvenience. We appreciate your understanding and do wish you all the best!

Now for **QUESTION ##10**: (This one is actually for YOU!)

Are YOU ready to become one of Carbon Copy Pro's Next 100 Millionaires?

If so, quit wasting time and fill out your Application. It's the first step on your way to living the life of your dreams.

Jump in, the water's fine. We have everything in place for your success.

The System, the Company, the Product Line and a ton of Training & Support.

The ONLY missing ingredient is YOU!

Fill out an Application and let's get you started.

Hope to see you on the other side and speaking with you shortly!

Greg Schmidt
Carbon Copy Pro Member Since July 2009
P.S. You can submit your application here:

>>>>>>>>>END RESPONSE<<<<<<<<<<<

Now, be sure to Save Your Changes at the bottom of the settings page so that anyone who sends you a response to one of your Leads Autoresponders, this message will automatically be sent to them.

YOU ARE NOT DONE YET, so, here's how to finish up the process:

Login to your AWeber Account for the Leads list that you are building and under the "My Lists" Tab, then Settings, make sure to change the "From Address (2nd field) from your OLD email address, to your Brand New Gmail Address that will send the Vacation Responder Auto-Response to your leads.

Make sure to Save Your List Settings (bottom of that page)

You are now 100% Set Up to have an Automated Response to leads should they send questions to you.

Trust us, after generating almost 15,000 leads in the past 7 months that we've been in business with Carbon Copy Pro & WMI, 99.9% of the questions you will receive come from "suspects" and not real prospects, so you want to reduce the amount of time you spend answering people's questions and instead, truly do only the real things that put big money in your pocket. And that is...Marketing!

So, taking this important action will certainly free up your time as you generate more and more leads for your CCPro Marketing System.

This concludes Training Day #5 - look for your next message coming soon!

Greg Schmidt

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